Our Capabilities

Engineering Services

Your search for top notch engineering solutions and services ends here at AMD. We offer unmatched domain expertise in field of aerospace, defence and telecom. We believe in understanding the needs of our clients and empathizing with them, so we utilize advanced CAD/ CAM/CAE Technologies to cater their needs and transform client ideas and engineering designs into reality.


AMD has diverse capability and experience in manufacturing components which exudes professionalism, trust and progress. We have quite a while of experience and mastery in product development, directly from conceptualization to calibration to final assembly. Our reputation for excellence in precision work, client support and altered arrangements in every business need is solid.


Material matters to us hence, we have speciality to manufacture parts from wide range of DFAR materials. All materials are sourced and purchased from affirmed sellers. As we work with various grades of engineering materials, our expert team is well known to the specific requirement of grade and their respective resiliencies to stress and heat.

Quality Assurance

With a passion for precision, quality is a tradition at AMD. Quality is our top priority. Because we hold ourselves to the strictest standards, our workmanship is highly respected in markets as diverse as aviation, defense and telecom. And AMD have done so for more than 20 years. Also, we regularly invest in equipment, training, personnel and processes that help us continually improve quality and efficiency.