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CNC turned components

CNC Turned Components are key to our business. The main focus of us is to manufacture the highest quality of precision CNC Turned Components involving a variety of materials. CNC Turning refers to the manufacturing process in which different bars of material is held in a chuck and the desired shape is created by removing material. we can work with different CNC Turned Components to achieve the expectations of the clients such as mild steel, titanium, aluminum, brass, copper, and stainless steel.  Whether you are looking for turned components or precision turned components all are available at here. 

Brass CNC turned components

Brass is the most popular alloy of copper due to its wide use. Brass CNC Turned Components has various benefits like brass is low friction coefficient and is an ideal material for manufacturing various CNC Parts. Brass also has tight sealing capabilities which are highly desirable properties. We successfully produces Brass CNC turned components with high precision, resilience and sturdiness provide positive results and improving brand reputation in the market. With the support of Brass CNC Turned Components provide a high-quality surface finish. High-quality parts can be made of proper turning diameter 10mm to 70mm. 

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