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  • Your search for top notch engineering solutions and services ends here at AMD. We offer unmatched domain expertise in field of aerospace, defence and telecom. We believe in understanding the needs of our clients and empathizing with them, so we utilize advanced CAD/ CAM/CAE Technologies to cater their needs and transform client ideas and engineering designs into reality.
  • After understanding customer requirements and specifications, we analyze product Design & Drawings and our team create a Feasibility Study Report, which determines the best and most efficient method for manufacturing that product. The software we work on is Solidworks, SolidCAM, I-DEAS 11NX, AutoCAD, Auto Desk Modelling tool for 3D modelling and CNC Programming. We have team of highly qualified and skilled professional Machinist for CNC and VMC machining centres.
  • We also expertise in Reverse Engineering projects. Reverse engineering is carried out for machines, aircraft components and other products which are deconstructed to extract design information from them. Often, this involves deconstructing individual components of larger products. The reverse engineering process enables us to determine how a part was designed so that we can recreate it here. We offer this approach when purchasing a replacement part from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is not an option for the client.
  • Transitioning from 2D to 3D for aircraft and space structural components
  • Concept and product development design for space and defence auxiliary and composite components.
  • Value added design robotization cycle to lessen lead-time and costs in the advancement cycle
  • Highly functional sheet metal design capability
  • Redesign & reengineering of component & assemblies
  • Identifying good product ideas and using reliable criteria to decide which ideas to pursue.

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