CNC Tuned Components

Heavy Duty Reliability :

The rigid machine design also offers a heavy duty linear guide design for X and Z-axes that allow long-term performance and maintainability. Alpha Spike USA CNC vertical turning centers are ideal for heavy-duty cutting of large and heavy work pieces. Our Kent CNC Heavy Duty Vertical Turning Center Series are designed with a rotating table to support large work pieces in conjunction with a bridge-type construction for the X-axis. This combo allows for improved cycle times and overall efficiency. Some models offer options for live spindle, live tooling and a C-axis for more complex work pieces.

Here, the combination of driven tool lathes and sub-spindle allow us to effortlessly and rapidly carry out secondary operations like:

  • Cross drilled holes
  • Flats
  • Hexagons
  • Slots
  • Internal threads

This helps us to achieve considerable reduction in terms of costs involved and production time. Further, these CNC machines are well handled by experienced support staff that allows us to deliver castings in fully machined conditions.

CNC Tuned Components

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